Any natural person or legal entity, both from Serbia or abroad, can provide donations, grants and humanitarian aid to CHC “Bezanijska kosa” Belgrade, in money, goods, services, securities, property and other rights.

All interested parties should complete and send a Letter of Intent for donation, grant or humanitarian aid via mail or e-mail at:

In the Letter of Intent, the potential donor should emphasize:

  • subject of the donation,
  • value of the donation,
  • tax paying issues (whose duty is to pay taxes),
  • manner and deadline for the execution of the donation/grant and
  • other elements relevant for the conclusion of the Donation Agreement and/or the realization of the donation/grant.

In case of donation acceptance, the potential donor will be contacted by the Department of General and Legal Affairs of CHC “Bezanijska kosa”, and, thereupon, receive all necessary information on further actions related to the aforementioned donation.


In accordance with the positive regulations, applicable laws and bylaws, the subject of the donation can only be those goods that are allowed in the legal traffic:

  • In accordance with the Law on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 30/2010 and 107/2012), natural persons cannot be donors of medicines and medical devices;
  • In accordance with the Law on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 30/2010 and 107/2012), the donor of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment, together with a Letter of Intent, must submit a valid decision of the ALIMS on the entry of the donation object to the Register of Medicines or Register of Medical Devices, respectively;
  • Any used equipment that requires higher investments than the estimated value of the donation cannot be an object of donation;
  • Any equipment whose use is conditional upon the supply of medical supplies only and exclusively from the manufacturer of the equipment in question (closed systems) cannot be a subject of donation.


Submitting documents

Documents can be filled in electronically in Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, or printed and then filled in by hand.

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Phone: +381 11 3010 777 extension 147

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